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The external mechanics of the player are once again the stereotypes of this kind: the teams that will face are two: purple team and blue team, each with five components inside the team. Each team owns its own base, which represents almost a circle, a Nexus – represented as a pentagon in the image – if it was destroyed this would determine the victory of the opposing team. Near the Nexus there are two guard towers – triangles close to the pentagon – that prevent its damage if they are not destroyed first in Mobile legends.

Nexus spawns at regular intervals those who are called minions, small fighters who will help the player in the various battle areas following three distinct and different routes, the map is divided into three main ways each of which is protected by three defense towers – the other trinagles – along it and an Inhibitor. The latter – represented as a star – is very important because it inhibits precisely the strength of the opponents minion, if an Inhibitor was destroyed the team’s minions that he succeeded in the enterprise would gain greater strength and endurance. Primary goal of the game: break the opponent Nexus with the help of mobile legends bang bang cheatstool.


Farm = Gold = Objects = Power = Victory

The term ‘farm’ comes from English, literally translated as cultivating, this verb is used to define the process of increasing the experience and gold of your sample by killing the minions in the various gambling lanes. There are several types of more or less powerful minions: the Caster, the small spells who attack from the distance, the Melee, equipped with swords, the Siege, the mions at the helm of a mobile enough cannon, and finally the Super Minions that only appear to them if the enemy inhibitor in their wool has been destroyed. Each of these at his death releases a certain amount of gold and experience instantly assimilated by his killer, the one who gave him the blow of grace with the help of mobile legends diamonds

It is therefore very important to wait for the right time to attack a minion to get his gold , the situation changes slightly for the experience. At the death of a minion all the champions near him get an increase in that bar, to maximize the experience but it is always necessary to be the minion killer. On average, the killing of twelve minions provides as much gold as the killing of an enemy champion. You should never underestimate the importance of gold within a MOBA since it allows the purchase of objects , each of which increases passively or actively the stats of your champion or decreases those opponents, which gives the player a tactical advantage during the battle.

We are the champions

Now that you are able to move around the map, use the skills and maximize the gold collection is time to get to know the champions. At the moment in League of Legends there are 123 playable characters each with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

League of Legends - Getting Started Guide

Of these, only ten are available for free during the week, this mechanism is called Free Sample Rotation. If you want to make a certain sample available forever, you can buy it in two ways, using the battlePoints for free in Mobile legends, RP, or Influence Points, PI. RPs are obtainable using real money, paying £ 2.5 you get 400 RP, 5 $ 880 RP and so on; if you do not want to spend real money the PIs do for you, it’s an in-game currency that is collected by playing matches, each game can grow more or less PI depending on its duration, outcome and number of kills, dead and assist which have been made within the game. It’s a good thing to try to know all the league’s champions, because knowing their skills lets you know what their attack or defense strategy is against and lets you not be surprised. That is why the advice we give you is to make the most of the free weekly rotation by playing the champions you’ve never tried at least a few times against bots, if you do not really want to risk doing bad figures in PVP . Once you become aware of all the skills of each single champion you will have the game in your fist, you will be able to dodge enemy strokes and attack at the most favorable time without being killed by timing.

Map and Warding

As explained at the beginning and as you can see in the previous image, the map of the game is characterized by three main ways called Lane Top Lane Names – the one that goes up – Mid Lane – the Central – and Bot Lane – the most low.

Each Lane is more suitable for certain types of champions than others but this aspect and the different game roles will be examined in the next episode of this series. The three ways are separated by pieces of forest called Jungle – Jungle – each champion has the role of preserving his own wool avoiding the destruction of allied towers and at the same time destroying those enemies to open up as a gate to the Nexus of the opponents. Each Lane has a fairly free view, being in fact the beaten track, visibility is never obstructed by any exceptions made to some sporadic bushes.The latter are not to be underestimated, as a champion enters it becomes invisible to the enemy team using the mobile legends bang bang ios hack and could thus easily overwhelm its rival by killing him before he notices it.

To avoid this, there are objects, usually called Ward, which if placed inside one of these bushes allow you to see inside, revealing whether an enemy is hidden or not. This technique is very important and should never be underestimated; the whole team, regardless of their role, should try to have as many wards as possible within the most classic places of interest. The latter can be found in the map below highlighted by the red rounds while all the bushes are represented by green circles.